FCWT Junior Golf Tour

Future Collegians World Tour (FCWT) Junior Golf Tournament Information

FCWT Tournament Processing

  • Tournament processing for the 2013-2014 season will begin on August 15, 2013, six weeks prior to the first FCWT junior golf tournament.


FCWT Tournament Eligibility

  • ELIGIBILITY:  Junior Golfers are eligible to play in FCWT tournaments, if they have not yet graduated from high school and are 11-19 years of age.  Players who have already graduated are eligible if they have not yet reached their 20th birthday and are not currently enrolled in college.
  • Any FCWT member with a signed member covenant and a valid proof of age on file may register online for any FCWT tournament.


FCWT Tournament Fees

  • Tournament fees vary.  Please check the information for the individual tournament of interest to determine its fee.  The FCWT tournament fee is charged in full six weeks prior to the tournament.  One hundred and fifty dollars ($150) of the tournament fee is non-refundable.  The remainder of the fee may be credited to the FCWT player's in-house account, if he/she cancels their tournament registration more than 7 days in advance of the practice round.  Cancellations after this deadline result in forfeiture of the tournament fee.

FCWT Tournament Information

  • The MOST IMPORTANT source of information about one of our junior golf tournaments is the Tournament Information Page. To locate this page, click SCHEDULE in the menu bar and then click INFO next to the Tournament of Interest.


FCWT Tournament Policies


FCWT Tournament Tee Times and Pairings

  • Tee times for Round One of our junior golf tournaments are posted no earlier than 5pm local time, two days prior to the practice round, which is usually on Wednesday at 5pm local time.
  • FCWT's goal is to complete 36/54 holes at every junior golf tournament.  Due to weather conditions, FCWT may resort to Groups of Four and/or 9 hole stipulated rounds in order to complete the most golf possible at the tournament.